Assign discount codes and special offers

If you would like to apply a discount or special offer, go to Setup > Rates > Discounts and Special Offers in the admin area navigation bar.

Here’s a video on how to add discounts:

Adding Discounts from Anytime Booking on Vimeo.



There are two options on ‘Discount Calculation’

a)    Total All Applicable Discounts – this means the customer can take advantage of several discounts at the same time

Note: you may have multiple discounts running at the same time. You might have an automatically applying discount at 10% off in September if they booked in August, and two discounts where they need to type in a code to get their discount, perhaps FAMILY2010 at 10% and BBQ15 at 5% off. In this scenario it will take the 10% off the booking for September (if the booking made it’s requirements and only one ‘code based’ discount at best value, in this case the BBQ15 at 15% giving the customer a total of 20% off. 

b)    Choose Best Value Discount – this means your customer can only use one discount at a time, the system will choose the best value for the customer.


Step 1: Choose the category and unit you would like the Discount to apply to and click on the New Discount button

Step 2:  Configure the discount;

  • Active – simple on/off mode
  • Name – give the discount a meaningful name
  • Type – choose from Fixed Price, Percentage, X Days for the Price of Y or Cheapest Week Half Price
  • Apply To – you can choose whether you would like the discount to apply to the Base Cost or Party Members, or both
  • Length of Stay – choose the length of stay you would like the discount to apply to. To restrict offers to one week select (From) 1 day,  (To) 7 days.  If there is no restriction then select (From) 1 day,  (To) 28 days.
  • Party Size – You can restrict the discount on party size.  For example, ‘Discount only applies if you select more than X number of people’. If this does not matter, then keep this as 0.
  • Number of Bookings [Start and End] – lets you define when a discount can be applies; example, give the customer 10% their booking when they booked 3 or more times. Make Start 3 and End up to 99.
  • Rate or Percentage amount – choose the amount or percentage off amount
  • Visibility – you can choose to have the discount to always apply whenever the rules apply or to only apply when a discount code is entered.
  • Expiry Date – you will need to enter an expiry date for the discount

Click OK 

Step 3: When you have created your Discount, double click on the green bar to go back in to complete the dates.  This assigns the date range the discount can be used within the ‘Date’ tab.

Step 4:  If you would like this discount to apply to multiple units, you can click on the Units tab to tick any other units you would like this discount work on.