Assign staff member access

You can add more than one staff member onto the system and assign them different access levels:

Administrator, Standard User or Housekeeper


An administrator can access all areas of the system. Administrators can view the financial reports as well as make changes to any of the settings. Only an administrator can view the staff member access page.

Standard User

A standard user can make bookings, amend bookings and print off data such as the arrivals report. However a standard user cannot view any settings or any financial reports.


A housekeeper can only view the housekeeping notes and the housekeeping report (either daily report or weekly).


What does ‘booking rules’ mean?

If you tick booking rules next to a specific staff member this means they will be making a booking like a customer e.g. they can’t break the rules! So for example you may allow someone to stay an extra night that’s not displayed on your website, but a staff member that has booking rules ticked against their name will have to book specifically what is displayed to the customer.

Multi-site accounts

Multi-site accounts will have an additional user called ‘Super User’.

Super User

A super user can access all areas of the system across more than one site (e.g. if you have more than one holiday park). They can also decide which on which sites administrators can view the financials or hide settings from specific users.