How to cancel a booking

To make a booking inactive you will need to cancel it. Cancelling a booking will free up the booked dates and make them available to book again. If you do not cancel a booking then the dates will be unavailable to book.

There are a two places you can cancel a booking from:

1. The Dashboard

All four boxes on the dashboard display bookings which need some attention. If you click on a booking then the option to view the booking or cancel the booking will appear. If you do not want to continue with a specific booking, click on it and then choose the cancel option that appears.


2. Bookings List

You can cancel a booking via the bookings list. Find the booking you wish to cancel in the list, select it and then choose “cancel” from the options that appear at the top of the list.


3. How to issue a credit or transfer any money you have taken for a booking 

If your customer has already paid their deposit or full amount for the booking, you have the option to Refund to Customer, Apply to Next Booking or Refund AddOns back to the customer.

PLEASE NOTE that the credit amount will always default to the total amount of money you have received from the customer. 

If you decide to refund the customer, whether this method is a Refund to Customer to Refund AddOns, it will take this money away from your cash list. Then at the bottom of the cash list report, you will see all the refund to customer actions.  Please note, if you are making a Refund AddOns payment method, you need to first look up the AddOn cost and over type this figure into the Credit Amount.

When you choose the method of Apply to Next Booking, you are indicating to the cash list that no monies are being handed back to the customer.  You will need to make a note against the customer record to show they are in credit with you.  When (if) the customer comes back, you can then apply a payment record of Deposit Transfer, to show you they used their credit.

 4. Making the physical transfer of money back to the customer. 

If you are cancelling a booking relatively quickly after the original booking was made, your payment gateway can provide you with the facility to make a refund instantly back to the customer. You will need to log into your payment gateway to do this.  If this is not available, you will need to a transfer from the main business bank account.



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