Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings After a Certain Time Period

This is a feature requested by many Anytime users who wanted the system to automatically cancel a provisional booking after a defined time period set by themselves.

Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Choose the unit you’d like to set this for > Then tick the ‘Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings’ to enable > Then define the number of hours you prefer. There is a maximum of 100 hours, or just over 4 days.

You will need to have both the Provisional and Cancelled booking email templates enabled to use this feature. 



How an Agile workflow at Anytime affects you

So how does Agile affect you?

Development of our system is largely driven by Help Desk and the tickets that you submit and we might get a lot of tickets in one day for all manner of reasons!

Several people are helping

It is important to note that the whole team may be involved in Help Desk in some shape or form. From the technical team, customer success team or the communication team we may all have a say in how to deal with your ticket.

When you submit a support ticket, the team here will first determine the nature of the ticket, if it is general help, a bug or a feature request. We will also determine the priority of the ticket and for this we use a traffic light system.

  •       Green Support Tickets

General questions or requests to make changes or amendments to your account either through the support or technical queue. With a green ticket, you can still use the system to take bookings, run reports and function normally.

  •       Orange Support Tickets

These are potential issues preventing you from carrying out a specific task that may involve a technical fault. The support team will give you a work-around in the meantime until the issue can be resolved.

  •       Red Support Tickets

We are likely to know about these types of tickets before you do – this is where the entire or part of the system is offline due to a technical fault.

Ticket Triage

After receiving your ticket one or more of us will triage your ticket and then decide on its path through our workflow.

  •       General help

If you get stuck adding rates or can’t remember how to set deposits or just can’t seem to get something to work then there is a good chance the answer is in our knowledge base. We will point you to the most appropriate article or if not we will reply with a solution to your enquiry after working through the issue ourselves. For general help tickets, once investigated, we can usually come up with an answer within 24 hours.

  •       Feature requests

Agile really begins to kick in here. Typically, if your ticket is a feature request, a physical card is created and added to our candidate board. At set times of the week we will review the feature requests on the candidate board, decide on their impact on all our customers and whether they are of benefit globally before being added into what we call the backlog.

From here the task will be sized up in terms of estimated time to action and priority before being passed into an iteration. Once the work is completed and the iteration comes to an end, we pass this task into Quality Assurance and Testing before it is deployed to the booking system. This ensures nothing is made live until we are 99% sure it works.

  •       Bugs

Inevitably with such a large amount of code to manage, it won’t always go according to plan no matter how much we plan and test before we deploy. It is simply impossible to account for every scenario.

Bugs again are prioritised based on how able you are to use our service. We might well have to look at our iteration and quickly adapt our position so that the bug is dealt with immediately. Or, if it is a cosmetic issue, such as a button not displaying correctly in your admin area and is therefore a lower priority, the corrective task might be slotted into this iteration or even the next before being completed. This ensures that more pressing tasks take priority. Thankfully bugs are becoming fewer and further between thanks to our new working practices!

A little beg: If possible, please use our submission form to submit your enquiry and give us a much detail as possible with the area of concern and detail such as actual booking references, customer ids and so on so we can quickly handle your ticket.


Print Booking Summary

Coming Soon

When you load a booking, you may want to print the booking summary for your own records.

The current layout of this print summary option is a default template that’s un-editable. Soon you will be able to edit the template to suit your own requirements.

Go to Setup > Documentation > Booking Summary

Within the editor, you’ll be able to define your own layout using our new WYSIWYG editor. You can either insert our default template, or you can create your own from scratch.

By clicking on the tokens buttons, you’ll find all the same data fields you’ve used in editing your email and/or invoice templates.



Channel Management for Anytime Booking Users

What is Channel Management?

Channel Management allows you to hook up your website to third party booking providers to flood your business with new bookings.

To provide you with the maximum value, we’ve prioritised working with camping, glamping and self-catering related travel websites, to help you share your real time availability with potential customers and drive new bookings directly into your Anytime Booking diary without you needing to lift a finger.

How Does Channel Management help? 

Our Channel Management offerings will help make you money by booking your business to capacity fast.

Channel Management will also save you considerable time and effort by importing your bookings from channels automatically, rather than having to import each booking into your booking system by hand.

If you use an Online Travel Agent (OTA) like Rentals United or Propsync, these continuously sync (exchange information) between all the channels they connect with to ensure that bookings coming from multiple sources don’t overlap and cause double bookings.

Depending on the channel and the type of connection they have with it, they may also be able to automatically put these bookings into your Anytime Booking system for you and sync your online and telephone bookings you’ve taken back with all the channels you connect with.

What does it cost?

If you choose to use it, you should see Channel Management as your main marketing cost, other than building and maintaining your website.  It’s certainly not free!

The channels providing your bookings will typically take a cut of between 2.5% – 25% of the value of each booking.

Online Travel Agents will make additional charges according to the number of units you’re promoting through them. Please note the channels also take their cut on top.

Lastly, as Channel Management creates extra work for us to maintain the booking system and support you with queries, Anytime Booking makes a nominal charge of £10 +VAT a month to link your booking engine to any number of third party channels.


Email Delivery

There are three options for email delivery: default, email forwarding and dedicated delivery.


Customer Records

The customer record area is basically your stored address book.  A new customer record is created at the time of booking, either by yourself (telephone/virtual terminal) or the customer (online). Or, you can create a customer record independently of an actual booking by clicking on the New Customer button.


Agency Module (New)

If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.