Channel Management for Anytime Booking Users

What is Channel Management?

Channel management allows you to hook up your website to third party booking providers to flood your business with new bookings.

Typically, these third-party providers charge some commission on bookings coming through them – it helps to think of the money you pay to them as your marketing budget, since their job is to direct people searching online for availability to your campsite or property, ensuring your business becomes well, or ideally fully, booked.

How Does Channel Management help? 

Our Channel Management offering will save you valuable time and money spent on marketing. We’ve prioritised working with camping and self-catering related travel websites to share real time availability and drive bookings directly into your Anytime Booking diary.


Email Delivery

There are three options for email delivery: default, email forwarding and dedicated delivery.


Customer Records

The customer record area is basically your stored address book.  A new customer record is created at the time of booking, either by yourself (telephone/virtual terminal) or the customer (online). Or, you can create a customer record independently of an actual booking by clicking on the New Customer button.


Agency Module (New)

If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.


Mobile Responsive Booking Form

In the Autumn of 2015, we launched Version 4 of the customer-facing booking form, improving its layout and making it responsive to help customers book holidays on different size devices.

Depending on whether your customer is using a desktop, laptop, small tablet or smart phone, the booking form will resize to give the customer the best possible experience in making an online booking – and a good experience means repeat business!


Out of date browser

Sometimes the customer’s experience on web pages will vary depending on what version of their browser they are using.  Since 20th May 2016, we have introduced an advisory message on all of our customer-facing booking pages when it detects an out of date browser being used.


Creating an Event and Sell Tickets

You can choose to create a new unit specifically for creating an event to sell tickets. I’m going to use the example of creating Georgie’s Disco on Saturday 29th April from 7pm to 11pm (we love a good party!)