Activity: How to create a Time-Based Unit

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to configure a time-based unit for your activity. There is an video guide at the bottom of this guide to help.

Always remember that there are three possible places in the system where you will need to apply pricing:

  • The Unit – The activity name. Apply pricing to the unit level will initiate the availability. Place a £0 price here if you are charging by the person.
  • Party Member – you can add as many Party Members as you like; Adult, Children and Infant are the most common. Once you’ve created a Party Member you can apply this to multiple units. Remember to add your pricing under the rates tab.
    PLEASE NOTE: whatever date ranges and times you create for the Unit, it must be the same date range and time on the Party Member. 
  • AddOns (Optional) – this is where you can charge for extras, maybe courses, or merchandise. More information about AddOns here.

To set up the unit (activity) – This create the activity name and availability.  

Step 1: Create your unit.  Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Add a new Unit under the category you would like.

Step 2: Configure the unit. Double click on the green bar to enter, then;

  1. Within the Details tab make sure your unit tokens are set to Activity or Event. Leave the rest of the settings in the Details tab as 0 because you will want to control the number of people for the time-based unit in the Party Members section.
  2. Click on the Options tab set the Availability Type to Time Availability, then you will see the option to set the time availability to either Time or Event. Within this tab you can also yet the default availability level. You may decide, for example, that if your unit is tennis courts, you will set the default to be 4.  Don’t worry, you can increase or decrease the availability level within the back office Availability later if you like.

Step 3: Add your pricing and availability to the unit. Go to Setup > Rates > Daily / Weekly / Short Breaks and choose the unit you would like to create the pricing for.  You have two options on setting a time-based unit based on how you would like your customer to book. You can either;

  • Create a Time Slot where your customer can choose their own start and end time.
    • Create a Time Slot, click on the Add Rate button and a pop up will appear, then click on the Time Rate Type. Choose your date band (we would recommend no more than a year at for each date band), choose a start time and end time. (if you would like to enter multiple time ranges across the same date range, you can split the band by every 15 minutes or hour) Give this a price for each time range.
  • Or, create a Time Type is where your customer will choose either AM, PM or FULL DAY (or what ever name you would like to give!). This will appear like buttons, for example :-Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 12.01.47
    • To create Time Type click on the Setup Type button (just underneath the tariff button) and click the New Type button before doing the same action as the above Time Slot. This will give you a pop-up to give the Time Type a name (Say, Morning Session AM). You’ll see two additional options; Flexible which means the customer can click on say AM, and then they’ll be given an option to select a more specific time within the AM time range and Book Multiple Days where you can book an activity over a number of days.

To set up the Party Members – This allows the system to charge by the person.  

Step 4: Create the party member. Go to Setup > Configuration > Party Members and choose the unit you would like to add.  Click on New Party Member. You can call this whatever you like; participants, number of people, adult and child etc. Double click to enter into the Party Member setting and you can then set the maximum level and add the price.  

When in the pricing tab, you will need to make sure that the time slots are set up exactly the same as you did for the unit. (If you have used Time Types, you will see this as an option to select).

Step 5: Refresh the availability.  Whenever you make changes to the configuration of your account or simply change the pricing we always recommended you refresh the availability.  Go to Tools > Refresh Availability and select the unit you were working on.