Party members

Set up your Party Members (optional) if you want to collect more information about who is in the party when they make a booking. By introducing party members to the booking process you can see how many adults, children and infants are coming to stay. You are also able to charge per person using this feature.

Here’s a video on how to set up Party Members:

Party Members from Anytime Booking on Vimeo.



To configure party members navigate to Setup > Configuration > Party Members.



There are a couple of ways to do this section, either leave it blank and configure the Unit to ‘Party Members Inclusive In Price‘ (see below) or you can create party member types, such as adult, child and infant for more accurate customer data.

To create a party member you need to click on the new party member button under Set up > Configuration > Party Members. Select your Category and Unit against which you would like to set up a party member.


A pop up will appear which allows you to set up and Name your party member (eg. Child). You can also set your Description, the Maximum Number allowed on the unit, the Number Inclusive of Cost, whether it’s a Mandatory field in the booking process, included in Cost and Availability, showing when Booking a Whole Unit and also if it should Show in Summary (see below example). Once you have done all this click OK.

NB. We advise that you only use Adult, Child and Infant as party member categories as these are the commonly recognised terms used by channel management ie Airbnb, etc. If you create Teenagers and Grandparents as categories your integration to channel management later on may become problematic.

NB. Some businesses choose to make only the adult party members mandatory.


If you don’t want babies to be included in your availability (ie. you can accept babies into your property in cots at your discretion but you don’t want to charge for them) you can uncheck the setting ‘include in cost and availability’ against your Infant party member.

Once you have clicked OK the new party member will display on the Party Member page in a green bar.


If you would like to charge per party member then you will need to double click on your new addition in the list. A pop up will appear allowing you to add a Rate for your party member.
NB. If you are charging per property/unit not per party member, you will still need to add a rate of £0.00 against them as many channel managers require this field to be populated eg. Airbnb,

Click on Rates.


From here you can add a daily, weekly, or fixed rates. Choose your date ranges and set the price accordingly. Our example is £10 a night for a calendar year and with a length of stay set to up to 4 weeks.

Party members can be set up for individual units but if you want to make your life easier, you can make a party member ‘global’ party and apply it to more than one (or all) units.

To apply these party members to additional units click on the ‘Units’ tab. Simply tick the units you require and click OK.

You will know if a party member applies to more than one unit as a globe icon will appear against it on your party members list.


Once this has been completed you can add other members such as children and infants by repeating the original steps.

Throughout the process you can check the functionality by going though the booking steps, in this example below adults are set a £10 daily rate each, children and infants have no rates configured.



Time Based

For time-based units you must create at least one party member (for a generic per person option call your party member ‘No. of People’). You do not have to charge per person but you will need to add rates matching the time slots that you would like to sell. If you are not charging per person then you can just input a £0.00 rate here. If you would like to charge per person then you should input the appropriate rate.