Refresh availability

When changes are made to your system set-up, eg. changes to rates, you will be prompted to refresh your availability. This tells your website widgets and the back office that something has changed. Refreshing the availability is a way to manually update your booking system and to tell your website-facing widgets to display the updated information.

Troubleshooting – refreshing your availability is a good way to solve any glitches with your systems settings. You may find that you notice a discrepancy between your website widget and your booking system set-up – perhaps the prices are out of sync – the best thing to do is to check your settings in the set-up area and then refresh the unit you are having trouble with – this usually solves the problem. 

The prompt notification displays at the top of the screen in a yellow box. You can click on it to hide the box temporarily but it will display again on each page you visit until you refresh.





When you click on the ‘click here’ link in the message you are transferred to the refresh screen.



The unit that you have altered will be highlighted in PINK. Click on the pink unit and then click refresh. An “availability successfully refreshed” message will pop up when the action is complete.


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