How to add your LOGO to your emails and to your T&Cs

How to add your logo to your documentation using a token 

STOP! If you haven’t yet done so, you’ll first need to follow this procedure for adding your logo to your booking form by clicking on this link

If you want to put your logo at the top of each email: Go to: Setup > Documentation > Emails. Select the tab you want to work on (general emails/booking emails), then choose a unit and the email you want to upload your logo to. 

If you want to put your logo at the top of of your T&Cs: Go to: Setup > Documentation > T&C 

  • Click on the top left hand corner of the email to place your cursor there.
  • Press return a couple of times to create some space at the top of the email.
  • Put the cursor back into the top left hand corner of the email and then use the ‘centre justification’ tool in the editor to place the cursor in the middle of the top line where your logo will go.

  • Click on the ‘tokens’ icon.


  • Now find the Company Logo token and click on it.

  • Press close  – and your logo will be inserted – it will look like this: #logo# within the email template, when the email is sent, it will display the correct image to your customers.

  • Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the email page to fix these changes (you may need to scroll down to find the save button!)
  • Repeat for each different email you want to send out.




Nick Smith