Adding Rates

Chose from one of the following types of rates:

Daily (most popular and flexible!)

Daily rates are the quickest and most flexible way of adding your rates. We highly recommended setting up your accommodation using daily rates. Read more here. 

Weekly and Short Breaks 

A traditional way of setting rates. Weekly and short breaks are rigid set date ranges. Read more here. 

Please note: When choosing which rates to use, choose either daily or weekly and short breaks. 

Pricing for time-based units

When you are creating pricing for your activity, you are setting a price on the unit and the party member. For more information on how to set this, read our article here. 

Copying Rates from one unit to another

A super quick way of copying rates from one unit to another. Just remember that this will override any previously pricing you may have had previously. Use with caution! Read more here. 


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