What rate structure is for you?


Here’s a summary of your different rate structure options.

Daily (most popular and flexible!)

Daily rates are the quickest and most flexible way of adding your rates. We highly recommended setting up your accommodation using daily rates.

Weekly and Short Breaks  (these will be switched off for new customers from May 2018)

A traditional way of setting rates. Weekly and short breaks are rigid set date ranges.

Please note: When choosing which rates to use, choose either daily or weekly and short breaks. 

Pitchup.com troubleshooting

How does the Pitchup.com API work?

Pitchup.com pushes all the booking data to Anytime Booking.  When the very last available pitch is booked, Anytime Booking will send a message to Pitchup.com to reduce the availability on the synced unit and pitch type to zero.  This will stop any further bookings being accepted for that pitch type from Pitchup.com

Please note: if you take a direct booking onto Anytime Booking, which is synced with Pitchup.com, we would recommend that you log into your Pitchup.com account and double check your availability levels.

Agency Features (old)

If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.

System Update: Login with Username and Password

New Password Login Update

Ever since we launched Anytime Booking back in April 2012, we have been using just a simple PIN to allow access to your designated account. The PIN login facility will be replaced by a more secure method of accessing your account.

From Thursday 17th July 2014 you will be prompted to create your own username and password to access your account.

Please note, the next time you login using your PIN you will be asked to create your own username and password. But don’t worry, If you forget your log in credentials on the next attempt, you can reset your password from the log in screen. If you need to change the username or password for yourself or another user in your company – go to Setup > Administration > Staff Members. 

Owner statement reports and property deductions

Being able to view your owner statements allows you to see the income generated by the unit, and what commission you have earned through taking bookings for this unit over time. You can also add and view any property deductions for the unit – these are anything you’ve had to deduct from the unit, that are also deducted from the monies owed to the owner of the unit.

Rates – updating them year to year


You can copy rates from one year to the next.


For a video describing how to update dates for the New Year for your Units, please click below:

How to update your rates from year to year – units from Anytime Booking on Vimeo.


Please Note: You will still have to change the dates (after copying them) so they correspond with the days in the following year. For example, the 3rd of August in 2018 is a Friday whereas the 3rd of August in 2019 is a Saturday, therefore the days are different and this can affect your changeover days if your pricing is weekly or short breaks. You must change these otherwise your rates in the following year will not be correct.

Activity: How to create a Time-Based Unit

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to configure a time-based unit for your activity. There is an video guide at the bottom of this guide to help.

Always remember that there are three possible places in the system where you will need to apply pricing:

  • The Unit – The activity name. Apply pricing to the unit level will initiate the availability. Place a £0 price here if you are charging by the person.
  • Party Member – you can add as many Party Members as you like; Adult, Children and Infant are the most common. Once you’ve created a Party Member you can apply this to multiple units. Remember to add your pricing under the rates tab.
    PLEASE NOTE: whatever date ranges and times you create for the Unit, it must be the same date range and time on the Party Member. 
  • AddOns (Optional) – this is where you can charge for extras, maybe courses, or merchandise. More information about AddOns here.

Known Issues affecting Third Party Integrations as of 25 April 2014

Remember the Heartbleed Bug?  Everyone merrily updated their security settings (including us) to ensure the security of online data.  This has caused some communication issues and a few Third Parties have since had some trouble understanding each other.  Everything is still secure, but the encrypted data is causing a bit of confusion out there in Techy world.