Simply Postcode Lookup

What is the Postcode Lookup Service? 

This is a chargeable facility that provides a button that enables both you (in the admin area) and your customer (on the booking page) to easily look up an address without having to type it all in by hand.

How to use the Email Tokens

When you are editing the emails you can place a variety of tokens for information that’s automatically generated. Think of this as a mail merge!

For example, you might want to introduce the start of an email with “Dear Mr Smith”, in this case, you the tokens would look like “Dear #title# #last_name#”.

There are a variety to choose from which will relate to the booking information.  Token are grouped by: booking information, Specific Unit information, Customer details (which include their login information), booking cost breakdown and your company details.

Click on the green ‘Token’ button above the editor and then you can select which token you’d like in insert into the editor.

Manually Take Further Payments – Cardholder Not Present

It is quite common for some of our customers including Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfasts to take credit card details in case of damage during a stay, or for a no show.  This can be an administration nightmare!  Who wants the responsibility of tracking sticky notes with random credit card numbers on them?

How to cancel a booking

To make a booking inactive you will need to cancel it. Cancelling a booking will free up the booked dates and make them available to book again. If you do not cancel a booking then the dates will be unavailable to book.

Balance reminders

After setting up your deposit amount, you might want to enable a balance reminder email to ensure that you get full payment before your guest comes on holiday.

Merchant account requirements: privacy policy

Your Merchant Banking Provider will normally require you to place your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on your website in order for you to be compliant with your Merchant Banking contract.  Check with your Merchant Banking provider to see what their exact requirements are.

Somewhere on your website you should have a prominent link to a privacy policy.  An example of one which can be adapted to your needs is shown below.

We would recommend putting all links of this nature in your website footer.