Balance report (financials)

The balance report allows you to see a list of all people within a date range that have an outstanding balance. You can see each individual amount, what is due and also the total of all outstanding balances within a date range.


Balance report

Brochure request report (marketing)

This area of the booking system allows you to print an individual covering letter for each new brochure request that you receive. You can work your way through the list of all new requests printing the letters and marking them as sent. The content of these letters is controlled in the documentation section of the setup tab.

Routine custom report

The custom report allows you to see more information about an arrival. You are able to see what Add-ons the booking requested as well as their normal arrival information. To select the fields you want to see hold down the CMD (Mac) or the Ctrl (PC) key and click on each field one by one. After you have made your selections you can click ‘view report’ to generate your custom report.

Routine arrivals and departures report

The arrivals and departures report can be a more detailed representation of your upcoming arrivals and/or departures. You may want to use this report on a daily basis during your season to allow you to check in your customers easily. This report will show you: the arrival date, the customer’s name, party size, and the unit which they are booked into. There are extra columns available should you wish to use them.

Cash list report (financials)

The Cash List Report is the most commonly used report for seeing all transactions associated with any booking, along with how the customer paid you (read more about payment records here).  This should be an accurate reflection of all monies in and out of your Anytime Booking account.

Routine occupancy report

There are two options for the report format itself: Summary and Detailed.

The Summary version will give you occupancy levels by the percentage, weeks occupied and revenue value.

The Detailed version will give you a breakdown of bookings, including the party members checked in (bookings can be checked in via the Dashboard or by opening the booking).

NB. if you operate on an open field basis, you will need to view your occupancy using the DETAILED report.

To search for occupancy by unit: 

Simply select ‘ALL UNITS’ or ‘ALL CATEGORIES’  – or a single category  – and then select as many of the units you want the report on (if you want a report on them all, select them all by left clicking while holding down the ‘control ‘ or ‘cmd’ button) and then click ‘view report’,

OR if you want a report on a single unit, just select the category and the unit you want to run the report on:




You can also select additional information on party members, ages, add-ons etc on your occupancy report simply by ticking the relevant box(es), making this report very flexible.

Routine departures report

The departure report is very similar to the arrivals report however it will filter the results of your query depending on the dates of departure rather than arrival.

Website enquiries

When you set up a unit (pitch/property etc) you are able to remove online booking for that unit and enable an enquiry form instead. This will mean that a customer can still check availability for their selected dates via the availability calendar but they will have to enter their details into an online form which will be delivered to the booking system.

These records are stored in the enquiries section under ‘Lists’ on the navigation bar. You can click on the customer’s name to view their details and then contact them to arrange their booking. This facility may be useful for units with special restrictions, for example.


Amend your bookings

There are many reasons why you might want to amend a booking – your customer may want to change the dates they’re staying, the duration of their stay or how many party members are coming.

You must firstly log into your Anytime Account. Once you have done this you should then click on ‘Bookings’.

Availability chart

The Availability Chart is displayed on a separate page on the navigation bar, and, as a default, displays one month’s availability at a time. The chart presents the different units and dates throughout the month and you will be able to see which units are booked and when. It is possible to make bookings directly from this page by clicking on a unit and date; this will take you to a booking page with some fields already populated.