Caravan and Motorhome CL Sites

Anytime Booking is on a mission to help the small campsite market

Online connectivity is king, and small campsites should be no less visible than the big players. Some booking system operators don’t want to touch small campsites but we think they need an online presence more than ever and we’re passionate about helping them to adopt online booking technology.

Smaller campsites often give the more unique and precious experiences to the holidaymaker and we want to help people find them online. We have already changed the fortunes of many small campsites, including numerous existing CL sites.

Every customer is important to Anytime Booking; our support is on tap, no matter what the size of your business.

Test Anytime Booking for yourself

Log in to the ‘Caravan and Motorhome CL Site Demo’ account and have a play!



Web Address: https://306053.anytimebooking.eu/back_office/
Username: testuser18
password: testuser18

This is an open test account for CL owners to try out the booking functionality – just make sure you don’t enter in any personal information in this account! Please note, the Setup section is hidden so that the settings remain the same for everyone during testing.


Take a look at the customer-facing booking form: 


You can create a button or link on your website that will redirect to a booking form similar to this: https://306053.anytimebooking.eu/place_booking#forward for your customers to complete their booking.

Your address link will be unique to your campsite and you can customise the booking page a little more, learn how here.


The Customer Login area

Similar to above, you can create a button or link on your website to the customer login area https://306053.anytimebooking.eu/my_account which is great for customers wishing to view their booking details and make any additional payments to you.  You can read more about the customer login area here. 

Why choose Anytime Booking for your CL site? 

We were delighted when the Caravan and Motorhome Club chose Anytime Booking as their service provider over all the other system suppliers in the market. We have been working hard since 2012 to help campsites, big and small, to have an online presence. We help them take direct bookings, manage their arrivals and departures, track revenue and put time-saving automation into everyday admin tasks like emailing confirmations to customers.

We have also developed some features specific to the Caravan & Motorhome Club like being able to track the CAMC membership number of visitors. What’s more we give you control of your tariff so you make can changes at any time and you can customise the automated emails. We also roll out new and improved software features all the time for the benefit of all system users at no extra cost.

Anytime Booking is a team with a drive to get you up and running and taking bookings online. We have a collective passion for providing you with a platform to enable you to give great customer service to your visitors; from you being able to deal with their enquiries through to taking payments quickly. In turn, we offer you, as our customer, unrivalled support on how to get the most out of your booking system once you are live.

How many will Anytime Booking cost you?

It’s £10 plus VAT per month. 12 month minimum contract, 30 days notice to leave. That’s it. Nice and simple.

Ready to get started? Get in touch

Drop us an email on support@anytimebooking.co.uk and Becky, our HelpDesk extraordinaire, will give you a new account that’s already pre-populated (but don’t worry, you can change the settings!) so you can be up and running really quickly. We really hope to start working together soon.


Letting Status

You can indicate whether a sub-unit is public, sublet, or private for reporting purposes. 

Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Choose your categories and units > then go to your sub-units

Once you are there, go to Options and you can assign the sub-unit a letting status.

Using the Bookings Report, you can hide or show each of these letting statuses for your needs. Great if you just want view the current and expected revenue on everything you are sub-letting.

The letting status column is also displayed when the bookings report is generated.


Customer Resets Their Own Password

If your customer has forgotten their password, they can reset it either at the point of making their booking or when they go to the Customer Login area.

When they login at the point of making a booking…


Or when they go to the customer login area…



Once they place in their email address, they are sent an email with a link inside. They are then taken to their account within the Customer Login Area to create their own password…


Then they can continue on with their task.


Add Credit and Refund Customer

Adding a credit against the booking and issuing a credit back to the customer

If you have received money from your customer and you want to make a refund, you can record a credit to the booking.  This will update the cash list to show all refunds back to the customer.

Open a booking and go to the payments tab, click on the Add Credit button.  You will be presented with the option to notify the customer and issue a credit.

If you tick ‘Yes’ to notifying the customer, it will send the CREDIT email template. To learn more about the email sequence, read here.

The description is displayed on the cash list report to help your bookkeeper understand why a refund was made. Use this field to add additional information to help understand how/why you refunded the money.

There are 4 methods that can be recorded against the credit and displayed on the cash list – this is just a view-only description.

REFUND TO CUSTOMER will add the value back onto the booking. Particularly useful if the customer has paid too much too early.

APPLY TO NEXT BOOKING will remain as income on the cash list. You can generate a report for tracking all monies against potential future bookings.  Go to Reports > Financials > Balances Transferred.

REFUND & DO NOT UPDATE BALANCE PAYABLE will mark as refund, but the balance payable will remain the same. The example would be giving a damage deposit back the customer.

HELD (use this if you holding the money, but want the value taken off the cash list report).

If you no longer wish to issue a credit and want to come of the dialogue box. Click on ‘no to notifying the customer’ and then click on the trash icon to remove the entry.

This is only a record against the booking, which in turn updates the cash list report – any physical money will need to be arranged via BACS / cheque, or any other mechanism of your choice, to go back to the customer.  



Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings After a Certain Time Period

This is a feature requested by many Anytime users who wanted the system to automatically cancel a provisional booking after a defined time period set by themselves.

Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Choose the unit you’d like to set this for > Then tick the ‘Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings’ to enable > Then define the number of hours you prefer. There is a maximum of 100 hours, or just over 4 days.

You will need to have both the Provisional and Cancelled booking email templates enabled to use this feature. 



Print Booking Summary

Coming Soon

When you load a booking, you may want to print the booking summary for your own records.

The current layout of this print summary option is a default template that’s un-editable. Soon you will be able to edit the template to suit your own requirements.

Go to Setup > Documentation > Booking Summary

Within the editor, you’ll be able to define your own layout using our new WYSIWYG editor. You can either insert our default template, or you can create your own from scratch.

By clicking on the tokens buttons, you’ll find all the same data fields you’ve used in editing your email and/or invoice templates.



Email Delivery

There are three options for email delivery: default, email forwarding and dedicated delivery.


Customer Records

The customer record area is basically your stored address book.  A new customer record is created at the time of booking, either by yourself (telephone/virtual terminal) or the customer (online). Or, you can create a customer record independently of an actual booking by clicking on the New Customer button.



You can have multiple users within your account, defined either as Staff, Housekeepers, Owners (agency only) and Suppliers (agency only).