Customer Records

The customer record area is basically your stored address book.  A new customer record is created at the time of booking, either by yourself (telephone/virtual terminal) or the customer (online). Or, you can create a customer record independently of an actual booking by clicking on the New Customer button.


You can have multiple users within your account, defined either as Staff, Housekeepers, Owners (agency only) and Suppliers (agency only).

Agency Module (New)

If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.

Mobile Responsive Booking Form

In the Autumn of 2015, we launched Version 4 of the customer-facing booking form, improving its layout and making it responsive to help customers book holidays on different size devices.

Depending on whether your customer is using a desktop, laptop, small tablet or smart phone, the booking form will resize to give the customer the best possible experience in making an online booking – and a good experience means repeat business!

Booking Notification

If you would like to be notified by email when a customer has made an online booking or made any further or balance payments, you can switch on Booking Notification by going to Your Account and Account Settings.

Reinsert Pitchup Booking

You can now reinsert a Pitchup booking yourselves if it wasn’t able to insert automatically on the first attempt.

Go to Tools > Third Party APIs >

VAT Breakdown on Bookings

By default Anytime Booking will display the total cost of a holiday, including any VAT.

We do have the option to display the VAT breakdown on bookings itself and within any email communications to your customers.

To enable VAT breakdown on your account, you will need to email and we will switch this on for you.