Availability chart

The Availability Chart is displayed on a separate page on the navigation bar, and, as a default, displays one month’s availability at a time. The chart presents the different units and dates throughout the month and you will be able to see which units are booked and when. It is possible to make bookings directly from this page by clicking on a unit and date; this will take you to a booking page with some fields already populated.

Additionally, existing bookings will be displayed on the Availability Chart.  By clicking on the booking, it will enable you to access the full booking details.  You can also block dates from being available to book by selecting the ‘block off dates’ tab and then clicking on the specific dates and units to block – clicking on them again will unblock it.

Accommodation Monthly Availability Chart 

Hint – you can click on the dashes between the months to view part months. 

The colour codes on the regular availability chart

Green – Available

Dark Green – Provisional

Orange – Un-movable (Customer chose a specific unit number when booking)

Yellow – Movable (Customer chose ‘Any’ as their unit number)

Blue – With friends (For example, parents in one unit, children in another – if moved, they must be moved together)

Purple – Past date, or checked in

Pink – Blocked

Grey – No rates added (makes the date un-selectable until you add a rate)


Time-based availability chart


The colour codes on the time-based availability chart

Green: Available

Orange: Some bookings, but not completely full yet and can still take bookings

Red: Fully Booked

Purple: Checked In

Grey: No rates inserted