For those who have an active listing on and want to record a booking within Anytime Booking.

Recording the Booking

You would have received an email from with the new booking details.

With these details start making a new booking in the back office, make sure you choose the Booking Agent and mark it as BOOKING.COM

As default, the booking agent commission is set to 15% – if this is different for you, please contact us and we will amend this. 

Every aspect of placing in the booking remains the same as regular bookings. If do not provide you with enough information for filling in the customer’s address, you can just dash these out.

How this type of booking behaves within Anytime Booking

  • All bookings will automatically be ‘non-provisional’ within your account – this is a confirmed booking
  • These bookings will not appear on the ‘Balance Overdue’ box on your dashboard
  • Regardless of your deposit/balance settings, these bookings will default to full payment on arrival

Tracking payments

  • Use the Bookings Report to track all bookings. You may wish to export this report as a .CSV and within Excel you’ll be able to filter and sort your booking to just those set to this booking agent.
  • Once payment has been received on arrival, you can track these transactions on the Cash List.

Can these booking be automatically inserted for me? 

Please not that we are working on an integration with via a Global Distribution Network (GDN) called Rentals United. Once this is active, these type of bookings will automatically feed into your account and update your availability.

Using a GDN will enable you to connect your availability with multiple online travel agents, such as TripAdvisor and many others who focus on a broader self-catering market.