Customer Resets Their Own Password

If your customer has forgotten their password, they can reset it either at the point of making their booking or when they go to the Customer Login area.

When they login at the point of making a booking…


Or when they go to the customer login area…



Once they place in their email address, they are sent an email with a link inside. They are then taken to their account within the Customer Login Area to create their own password…


Then they can continue on with their task.

Booking Notification

If you would like to be notified by email when a customer has made an online booking or made any further or balance payments, you can switch on Booking Notification by going to Your Account and Account Settings.

Owner/Housekeeping Notifications

Owner/Housekeeping Notifications

If you are an agency, you are likely to have owners and/or housekeepers of the properties you may wish to notify when you’ve received or cancelled a booking. This article explains at which point the owner notification is sent;

Telephone Bookings: you are asked at the end of the booking process with a tick box.
Online Bookings: the owner and housekeeping notifications are never automatically sent. You will check the booking is OK, proceed to the bookings list, click on the booking and click the notify owner or housekeeping button.

Out of date browser

Sometimes the customer’s experience on web pages will vary depending on what version of their browser they are using.  Since 20th May 2016, we have introduced an advisory message on all of our customer-facing booking pages when it detects an out of date browser being used.

Schedule Automatic Arrivals Reports

If you would like a staff member or owner to see an arrivals list on a daily or weekly basis, you can schedule this to automatically send to them by email.

This report also includes the Add-Ons relate to each booking for ease of reference.

Go to Reports > Routine > Arrivals > Scheduled.

Click to make the scheduled report active and then choose between daily or weekly. Then set the day of week you’d like the scheduled to start on.

Choose the recipient(s) you’d like to receive the arrivals report.

Click on Save Settings. 

Merge Customer Records

You’ve either noticed two customer records within your account or the customer has emailed you to say they are unable to log into the My Account area – this is because the email address is registered twice and the system doesn’t know which customer record to refer to when they are trying to log in.  In this case you will need to merge the two records together.

For those who have an active listing on and want to record a booking within Anytime Booking.

Recording the Booking

You would have received an email from with the new booking details.

With these details start making a new booking in the back office, make sure you choose the Booking Agent and mark it as BOOKING.COM

Customer login – My Account Area

Your customers are able to log into the ‘My Account’ area of your Anytime Booking account where they can view their booking history, pay any balances or purchase items through the shop (the shop is where you can sell Gift Vouchers).

You can add this login somewhere on your website with a URL link specific to your account. This link will be your account web address followed by /my_account – so it will look something like