Recording Payments

Every time a booking is made online or placed into the back of your Anytime Booking account a payment record is recreated and displayed on the cash list.

Online Payments

When your customer makes an online booking, they are directed to your payment gateway of choice to physically take the payment. The payment gateway, such as SagePay for example, will send a message back to your booking to say the payment was successful and automatically send out the relevant email template – this payment record will read as CARD ONLINE (WEB) on your cash list report.


When running a business it is essential that you have a way of keeping all of your information together and organised. Anytime Booking allows you to run a variety of different reports to help you maintain the organisation within your business. Reports are available in PDF, CSV, and web-page format. They can be generated for categories, units and even specific sub-units. To access this feature click on the ‘Reports’ button at the top of the page.

Customising The Booking Form

You may want to customise elements of your customer facing booking process. This guide will explain the function of each tab and show examples of when they can be used.

Multiple Bookings

There are two fundamental ways to make multiple bookings.

Option 1: When you are making a booking in the back office, the most commonly used method is to follow the booking process through to the point just before check-out and payment and click yes to ‘Would you like to make another booking’. 

Option 2: The second way to make a multiple booking is by selecting the Multiple Sub Unit button next to the unit pick-list at the start of a booking, but this is really designed for block-booking rallies as it carbon-copies the first sub-unit booking and applies the same data to each subsequent sub-unit.

In both instances each unit and sub-unit will have a unique booking reference number.

No Payment = No Booking

If no payment is received, the system will automatically cancel the booking on your behalf. 

As from November 30th 2017, this feature will no longer be available. To cancel a provisional booking within a certain time frame as designated by you, please take a look at this article

Version 3.1.2 onwards will allow you to choose whether you would like to receive a booking if the payment failed.

Targeted email marketing using your booking data

As you start to populate your Anytime Booking account with booking information, you can start to email specific targeted segments of your data.

This guide will help you!



Email marketing is still the most cost effective way of communicating with your customers.  We use a third-party provider to power this module and only charge £5 per campaign and 2p per email recipient.  This is a pay as you go facility and you can use it whenever you need to.

Creating Customer Lists

It’s good to know your customers. So creating customer lists within your Anytime Booking account is going to help you quickly identify a specific type of customer.

Customer statements

You probably all have many return customers that book with you on a regular basis.

You can now see all individual customer bookings in a much simpler way by viewing their statement.

To find this you will need to go to Customers  then click on the customer you wish to view. A button called statement should appear which you can click on to view a summary of all that individual customer’s bookings.

Task Reminders

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to remember everything at once when you’re running a business! We have now added a new module to the system, which allows you to set task reminders for yourself and other members of your team.