Channel Management for Anytime Booking Users

What is Channel Management?

Channel Management allows you to hook up your website to third party booking providers to flood your business with new bookings.

To provide you with the maximum value, we’ve prioritised working with camping, glamping and self-catering related travel websites, to help you share your real time availability with potential customers and drive new bookings directly into your Anytime Booking diary without you needing to lift a finger.

How Does Channel Management help? 

Our Channel Management offerings will help make you money by booking your business to capacity fast.

Channel Management will also save you considerable time and effort by importing your bookings from channels automatically, rather than having to import each booking into your booking system by hand.

Online Travel Agents, like AirBnB, and Cool Camping market your property to people visiting their website, selling your remaining availability for a commission.

If you use an Global Distribution Network (OTA) like Rentals United or Propsync, these continuously sync (exchange information) between all the multiple Online Travel Agents they connect with to ensure that bookings coming from multiple sources don’t overlap and cause double bookings.

Depending on the channel and the type of connection they have with it, they may also be able to automatically put these bookings into your Anytime Booking system for you and sync your online and telephone bookings you’ve taken back with all the channels you connect with.

What does it cost?

If you choose to use it, you should see Channel Management as your main marketing cost, other than building and maintaining your website.  It’s certainly not free!

The Online Travel Agents providing your bookings will typically take a cut of between 2.5% – 25% of the value of each booking.

Global Distribution Networks will make additional charges according to the number of units you’re promoting through them. Please note the channels also take their cut on top.

Lastly, as Channel Management creates extra work for us to maintain the booking system and support you with queries, Anytime Booking reserves the right to make a nominal charge of £10 +VAT a month to link your booking engine to any number of third party channels.

A Guide to Connecting to Airbnb using Rentals United

If you want to connect to Airbnb via Rentals United, you will need to create a brand new Airbnb account that will later be connected to your Rentals United (RU) account. This needs to be done even if you have an existing Airbnb account, but don’t worry, a Market Manager at Airbnb will be able to transfer your property reviews from your original Airbnb account to your new one to keep things as seamless as possible.

A Guide to Integrating your Anytime Booking Account with Rentals United

A Guide to Integrating your Anytime Booking Account with Rentals United

You can use our connection with the global distribution network Rentals United (RU) to sell more holidays if you have cottages, static caravans, glamping pods, shepherd huts, lodges – any accommodation structure really apart from camping and touring pitches.

NB. You will need to have daily pricing in order for this connection to work.

Reinsert Pitchup Booking

You can now reinsert a Pitchup booking yourselves if it wasn’t able to insert automatically on the first attempt.

Go to Tools > Third Party APIs >

A Guide to Integrating Caravan Sitefinder

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The benefits of using this integration:

  • Increase your visibility to touring and caravanning holidaymakers and get more bookings
  • 2-way communication between Caravan Sitefinder and Anytime Booking for seamless exchange of pricing, availability and booking information
  • Anytime Booking will push over to Caravan SiteFinder on initial sync:
    • Unit name
    • Unit occupancy
    • Unit type
    • Description
    • Party Members
    • AddOns (extras)
    • Rates (Daily)
  • Caravan Sitefinder will push booking data directly into Anytime Booking, giving the guest name, arrival date, departure date, length of stay, AddOns, payment details, party details
  • Appear in availability searches

For those who have an active listing on and want to record a booking within Anytime Booking.

Recording the Booking

You would have received an email from with the new booking details.

With these details start making a new booking in the back office, make sure you choose the Booking Agent and mark it as BOOKING.COM