Mobile Responsive Booking Form

In the Autumn of 2015, we launched Version 4 of the customer-facing booking form, improving its layout and making it responsive to help customers book holidays on different size devices.

Depending on whether your customer is using a desktop, laptop, small tablet or smart phone, the booking form will resize to give the customer the best possible experience in making an online booking – and a good experience means repeat business!


Email Marketing Segments

To create email marketing segments, you should have already synced your Anytime Booking account – click here if you haven’t already done this!

Email marketing is a powerful and cost effective way to communicate to all or some of your customers. Segmentation enables you to specifically target a group of visitors – For example, you may want to email every one who stayed with you last year, but hasn’t book with you this year to date, or, you want to email everyone who has ever stayed that came with a dog.


Targeted email marketing using your booking data

As you start to populate your Anytime Booking account with booking information, you can start to email specific targeted segments of your data.

This guide will help you!



Email marketing is still the most cost effective way of communicating with your customers.  We use a third-party provider to power this module and only charge £5 per campaign and 2p per email recipient.  This is a pay as you go facility and you can use it whenever you need to.


Text Messaging

Sending text messages to your customers couldn’t be simpler.  You can either send a one off message within the booking details pop up under the communicate tab, or automate a text message to send out before or after their stay.


Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels on the Internet. You can use this to promote your websites, guide your customers on how and where to book their stay with you, but also generally interact with your known customers (by using the Anytime Booking Master List) with news and special offers.  Using our email marketing module, you can segment your customer data – whether you want to just email customers who stayed with you last year or email everyone that stayed in a specific unit, or who brought a dog, for example.




This is a mandatory field as part of the booking process. You can ask your customer how they heard about you eg. through a Google search, the local magazine or if they have been before. You can have as many referral options as you like.

Tip: You can see a pie chart of referral statistics (by month or year) on the dashboard and you can also generate a report of your referral options to see where your marketing really works!