How to add your LOGO to your emails and to your T&Cs

How to add your logo to your documentation using a token 

STOP! If you haven’t yet done so, you’ll first need to follow this procedure for adding your logo to your booking form by clicking on this link

If you want to put your logo at the top of each email: Go to: Setup > Documentation > Emails. Select the tab you want to work on (general emails/booking emails), then choose a unit and the email you want to upload your logo to. 

If you want to put your logo at the top of of your T&Cs: Go to: Setup > Documentation > T&C 

  • Click on the top left hand corner of the email to place your cursor there.
  • Press return a couple of times to create some space at the top of the email.
  • Put the cursor back into the top left hand corner of the email and then use the ‘centre justification’ tool in the editor to place the cursor in the middle of the top line where your logo will go.

  • Click on the ‘tokens’ icon.


  • Now find the Company Logo token and click on it.

  • Press close  – and your logo will be inserted – it will look like this: #logo# within the email template, when the email is sent, it will display the correct image to your customers.

  • Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the email page to fix these changes (you may need to scroll down to find the save button!)
  • Repeat for each different email you want to send out.



How to add your LOGO to your booking form

How to add your logo to the customer-facing booking form

You’ll need a .jpg or .png image of your logo already stored on your computer.

To upload it to your booking form, go to My Account > Upload Logo.

Click where the Anytime Booking logo is and a screen will come up to ask you from where on your computer you want to upload your image.


Find your image on your computer, select it and then click ‘open’ and your logo will appear in place of the Anytime logo.

It will also appear as your logo on your booking form.

How to refresh your availability after making changes to your account

How you know you need to refresh your availability

Have you ever seen this yellow banner come down from the top of your screen and hang around till you click on it?

Refresh alert


It’s trying to tell you that you need to refresh your availability.

Whenever you change some vital aspect of your booking system, it needs to be refreshed in order to update and recalculate your overall availability and your availability chart.

In other words, refreshing drops the old records and allows the system to update it with the new things you’ve put in.

You need to refresh your system when you have:

  • changed a unit’s name, its type or the details on it like the maximum occupancy
  • added new date bands
  • altered your existing rates
  • or changed any fundamental thing which affects how your availability chart works

If you forget to refresh, then your changes won’t be fully saved. 


Refreshing your availability

To refresh your availability, you can either  click on Tools > Refresh Availability OR you can click on the yellow banner itself to clear it away.


Then, all you need to do is to follow these instructions. Simples!






You can have multiple users within your account, defined either as Staff, Housekeepers, Owners (agency only) and Suppliers (agency only).

A Guide to Connecting to Airbnb using Rentals United

If you want to connect to Airbnb via Rentals United, you will need to create a brand new Airbnb account that will later be connected to your Rentals United (RU) account. This needs to be done even if you have an existing Airbnb account, but don’t worry, a Market Manager at Airbnb will be able to transfer your property reviews from your original Airbnb account to your new one to keep things as seamless as possible.

A Guide to Integrating your Anytime Booking Account with Rentals United

A Guide to Integrating your Anytime Booking Account with Rentals United

You can use our connection with the global distribution network Rentals United (RU) to sell more holidays if you have cottages, static caravans, glamping pods, shepherd huts, lodges – any accommodation structure really apart from camping and touring pitches.

NB. You will need to have daily pricing in order for this connection to work.

Multi Plot for Camping

Multi plot is designed for campsites and touring parks who want to know what the customer is bringing, which then determines what pitch the booking is allowed to go on.  This is great for campsites who have various pitch sizes and want to make sure each customer coming is charge appropriately for the size of vehicle and/or pitch size they require.

Please let the Anytime Booking support team know you that you intend to use Multi Plot, as we will need to enable this on your account 

Going LIVE Checklist

So, you’ve played around with all of the settings, checked all your rates, chosen and configured your AddOns and had all of your booking pages styled.  We recommend at this point that you go through the following ‘test-booking’ steps to make sure your account is ready to be switched on to start taking real bookings through your website and over the telephone.

Top Tip: While making test bookings on your account, always make sure you use an email address that’s not the same as your company address. Use something like

Cascading tariffs and how they work

Cascading rates are a special kind of daily rate that allows you to charge a different price during the same date range depending on the customer’s length of stay.  

Cascading rates only work when you’re charging less on a daily basis as the length of stay increases.

No Payment = No Booking

If no payment is received, the system will automatically cancel the booking on your behalf. 

As from November 30th 2017, this feature will no longer be available. To cancel a provisional booking within a certain time frame as designated by you, please take a look at this article

Version 3.1.2 onwards will allow you to choose whether you would like to receive a booking if the payment failed.