Custom tokens

A token is the thing that populates your email templates with information that is specific to each booking. For example, in a normal email you would type ‘Dear Mr Smith’ but in a template you would put ‘Dear #title# #first_name# #last_name#’ – the areas between the # will be populated with the information from each booking.



We offer the facility for you to upsell extras on top of the base cost of a booking, such as hampers, a charge for dogs, electrical hook-ups and fire-pit rental. We call them Add-ons and you are able to create as many as you like.

You can also use the Add-on functionality as a fact-finding exercise on the booking process, not necessarily for a chargeable ‘thing’, such as asking your customer “What accommodation type are you bringing?” and giving them a free field to provide the answer, “Tent, caravan, motorhome, trailer tent, etc”.


Assign property owner access

Owner access allows you to send the owner of a property you manage a notification when a booking is made. When you have made a booking or a booking is made online, you will see a button called Notify Owner.  You can populate this Owner Notification email in the emails and documentation area and you can also allow your owner to log in using the same access URL where they can view a read only on their bookings.


Set a deposit

You can set the deposit rates you want to use for each unit and for different dates. Deposits can be based on the number of days stay, a flat fee or a percentage of the total booking, depending on your preference.

If you want to collect your payments in full only, you don’t need to fill in any part of this setting.


Time-share or annual booking rates

To activate the Time-share module you will need to contact the Anytime Office to get the module switched on. Once the module is set to active on your account you will need to set up your time-share tariff.

Setting the Time-share tariff tells the system the number of each week within a year. Your year may start on the first Saturday in January or perhaps the last Saturday in December. By setting your tariff you can book each time-share owned week with ease.


Create an event

How to create an Event

NB. If you are a live customer, please contact us if you want to create a new event. We will put your account in testing mode, you can then follow these instructions below to set up your new events to your heart’s content and once you are happy with them, we will pop you back into live mode.


Upload custom PDFs to emails

You have the option to attach the built-in receipt/invoice to all emails, but you can also attach additional documents if you wish. You may want to add a PDF document with directions to your property/site or perhaps you’d like to send out some information about things to do in the area.

All you need to do is create your document and save it as a PDF (this means that it will be read only rather than editable). To add your attachment check the attach additional attachment box on the email page. A box will appear saying click to upload attachment. This will allow you to choose from the files on your computer.

Once you have uploaded your document you need to press the save button at the bottom of the page.