Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings After a Certain Time Period

This is a feature requested by many Anytime users who wanted the system to automatically cancel a provisional booking after a defined time period set by themselves.

This feature will only cancel bookings made online by the guest who have not paid within your defined time period and does not affect any telephone bookings you make in a provisional state. 

Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Choose the unit you’d like to set this for > Then tick the ‘Automatically Cancel Provisional Bookings’ to enable > Then define the number of hours you prefer. There is a maximum of 100 hours, or just over 4 days.

You will need to have both the Provisional and Cancelled booking email templates enabled to use this feature. 


System Update: Login with Username and Password

New Password Login Update

Ever since we launched Anytime Booking back in April 2012, we have been using just a simple PIN to allow access to your designated account. The PIN login facility will be replaced by a more secure method of accessing your account.

From Thursday 17th July 2014 you will be prompted to create your own username and password to access your account.

Please note, the next time you login using your PIN you will be asked to create your own username and password. But don’t worry, If you forget your log in credentials on the next attempt, you can reset your password from the log in screen. If you need to change the username or password for yourself or another user in your company – go to Setup > Administration > Staff Members. 

Known Issues affecting Third Party Integrations as of 25 April 2014

Remember the Heartbleed Bug?  Everyone merrily updated their security settings (including us) to ensure the security of online data.  This has caused some communication issues and a few Third Parties have since had some trouble understanding each other.  Everything is still secure, but the encrypted data is causing a bit of confusion out there in Techy world.