How an Agile workflow at Anytime affects you

So how does Agile affect you?

Development of our system is largely driven by Help Desk and the tickets that you submit and we might get a lot of tickets in one day for all manner of reasons!

Several people are helping

It is important to note that the whole team may be involved in Help Desk in some shape or form. From the technical team, customer success team or the communication team we may all have a say in how to deal with your ticket.

When you submit a support ticket, the team here will first determine the nature of the ticket, if it is general help, a bug or a feature request. We will also determine the priority of the ticket and for this we use a traffic light system.

  •       Green Support Tickets

General questions or requests to make changes or amendments to your account either through the support or technical queue. With a green ticket, you can still use the system to take bookings, run reports and function normally.

  •       Orange Support Tickets

These are potential issues preventing you from carrying out a specific task that may involve a technical fault. The support team will give you a work-around in the meantime until the issue can be resolved.

  •       Red Support Tickets

We are likely to know about these types of tickets before you do – this is where the entire or part of the system is offline due to a technical fault.

Ticket Triage

After receiving your ticket one or more of us will triage your ticket and then decide on its path through our workflow.

  •       General help

If you get stuck adding rates or can’t remember how to set deposits or just can’t seem to get something to work then there is a good chance the answer is in our knowledge base. We will point you to the most appropriate article or if not we will reply with a solution to your enquiry after working through the issue ourselves. For general help tickets, once investigated, we can usually come up with an answer within 24 hours.

  •       Feature requests

Agile really begins to kick in here. Typically, if your ticket is a feature request, a physical card is created and added to our candidate board. At set times of the week we will review the feature requests on the candidate board, decide on their impact on all our customers and whether they are of benefit globally before being added into what we call the backlog.

From here the task will be sized up in terms of estimated time to action and priority before being passed into an iteration. Once the work is completed and the iteration comes to an end, we pass this task into Quality Assurance and Testing before it is deployed to the booking system. This ensures nothing is made live until we are 99% sure it works.

  •       Bugs

Inevitably with such a large amount of code to manage, it won’t always go according to plan no matter how much we plan and test before we deploy. It is simply impossible to account for every scenario.

Bugs again are prioritised based on how able you are to use our service. We might well have to look at our iteration and quickly adapt our position so that the bug is dealt with immediately. Or, if it is a cosmetic issue, such as a button not displaying correctly in your admin area and is therefore a lower priority, the corrective task might be slotted into this iteration or even the next before being completed. This ensures that more pressing tasks take priority. Thankfully bugs are becoming fewer and further between thanks to our new working practices!

A little beg: If possible, please use our submission form to submit your enquiry and give us a much detail as possible with the area of concern and detail such as actual booking references, customer ids and so on so we can quickly handle your ticket.

Out of date browser

Sometimes the customer’s experience on web pages will vary depending on what version of their browser they are using.  Since 20th May 2016, we have introduced an advisory message on all of our customer-facing booking pages when it detects an out of date browser being used. troubleshooting

How does the API work? pushes all the booking data to Anytime Booking.  When the very last available pitch is booked, Anytime Booking will send a message to to reduce the availability on the synced unit and pitch type to zero.  This will stop any further bookings being accepted for that pitch type from

Please note: if you take a direct booking onto Anytime Booking, which is synced with, we would recommend that you log into your account and double check your availability levels.

Why is my availability calendar showing grey areas?

If you find a unit is showing grey areas on the Availability Chart it may be due to unconfigured rates. You can check this by navigating to Setup > Rates > Daily/Weekly/Short Breaks.

Select the affected unit, and check there is a date band covering the area which showed as grey on the chart. If there is no band you can create one by clicking on the ‘Add Rate’ button. Once the details have been entered click ‘Add’ then refresh the availability. It should now display as green on the chart.

My customer didn’t receive their email confirmation

You may be contacted by a customer to say that they haven’t received a confirmation email. This can happen for a number of reasons:

1- The email was sent but has been sent to their spam box

2- The system tried to send the email but the customer’s inbox was full

3- Their email provider was experiencing difficulties at the time of send

Support button

Do you have a query?  Click the big, green Support Button on the left hand side of your screen.  This will get the quickest response to any message or feedback.  If you have a specific query, don’t forget to put in all the relevant information so we have an idea where to look on the system.  

SagePay error codes

Sometimes a payment is unsuccessful and you’ll get an error message. To find out what an error message means click on it to find an explanation and solution.

My online calendars are not updating

If you have made a change to your system set-up then you may have forgotten to update your availability. Go to Tools then Refresh Availability, scroll through your unit list and refresh the unit/s you have changed (they should be highlighted in pink).

If you haven’t made any changes to your set-up or have made a booking and it isn’t showing online, try refreshing as detailed above and submit a support ticket so that we know to investigate further.

My Add-ons are not appearing

Does your add-on have a date range and a rate applied to it?

The most common reason for an Add-on not displaying is that you haven’t set up a date and price for it. Each Add-on must have a date range to know when it should display. You can add a rate and date from the Add-on screen by double clicking on your chosen Add-on and inputting a date and price against it in the relevant tabs.

If you would like to hide a zero cost from showing then check the “visible but hide cost” option on the Add-on set-up page.

Are your add-ons applied to the correct units?

Another reason could be that you have only set the Add-on to display on one unit type. Open the Add-on by double clicking on it and select the relevant units on the units tab.


To update your add-ons go to:  Set-up> Configuration> Add-ons

There are too many search results on my website

If your search widget is showing too many ‘close matches’ for your liking, it may be because your search is looking for too many alternative days + or – the dates on which your customer is searching.

You can define whether you would like the returned search results to be either ‘exact matches’ or ‘exact and close matches’.