Saving a Report Template

Great news – you can now save report preferences! You can quickly generate a report with a particular timeframe, output that report and save the template for future reference or use – great for predefining reporting templates on financial quarters, for example.

You can save any preferences across any reports.

Make sure you tick ‘Save Report Options’ and give your report a name (see below). Clicking on ‘View Report’ will give you the report output and auto-save the report template which you will then be able to access again using the ‘Select Report’ dropdown.




Letting Status

You can indicate whether a sub-unit is public, sublet, or private for reporting purposes. 

Go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Choose your categories and units > then go to your sub-units

Once you are there, go to Options and you can assign the sub-unit a letting status.

Using the Bookings Report, you can hide or show each of these letting statuses for your needs. Great if you just want view the current and expected revenue on everything you are sub-letting.

The letting status column is also displayed when the bookings report is generated.

How to add your LOGO to your emails and to your T&Cs

How to add your logo to your documentation using a token 

STOP! If you haven’t yet done so, you’ll first need to follow this procedure for adding your logo to your booking form by clicking on this link

If you want to put your logo at the top of each email: Go to: Setup > Documentation > Emails. Select the tab you want to work on (general emails/booking emails), then choose a unit and the email you want to upload your logo to. 

If you want to put your logo at the top of of your T&Cs: Go to: Setup > Documentation > T&C 

  • Click on the top left hand corner of the email to place your cursor there.
  • Press return a couple of times to create some space at the top of the email.
  • Put the cursor back into the top left hand corner of the email and then use the ‘centre justification’ tool in the editor to place the cursor in the middle of the top line where your logo will go.

  • Click on the ‘tokens’ icon.


  • Now find the Company Logo token and click on it.

  • Press close  – and your logo will be inserted – it will look like this: #logo# within the email template, when the email is sent, it will display the correct image to your customers.

  • Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the email page to fix these changes (you may need to scroll down to find the save button!)
  • Repeat for each different email you want to send out.



How to refresh your availability after making changes to your account

How you know you need to refresh your availability

Have you ever seen this yellow banner come down from the top of your screen and hang around till you click on it?

Refresh alert


It’s trying to tell you that you need to refresh your availability.

Whenever you change some vital aspect of your booking system, it needs to be refreshed in order to update and recalculate your overall availability and your availability chart.

In other words, refreshing drops the old records and allows the system to update it with the new things you’ve put in.

You need to refresh your system when you have:

  • changed a unit’s name, its type or the details on it like the maximum occupancy
  • added new date bands
  • altered your existing rates
  • or changed any fundamental thing which affects how your availability chart works

If you forget to refresh, then your changes won’t be fully saved. 


Refreshing your availability

To refresh your availability, you can either  click on Tools > Refresh Availability OR you can click on the yellow banner itself to clear it away.


Then, all you need to do is to follow these instructions. Simples!





Email Delivery

There are three options for email delivery: default, email forwarding and dedicated delivery.


You can have multiple users within your account, defined either as Staff, Housekeepers, Owners (agency only) and Suppliers (agency only).

Agency Module (New)

If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.

Booking Notification

If you would like to be notified by email when a customer has made an online booking or made any further or balance payments, you can switch on Booking Notification by going to Your Account and Account Settings.

Owner/Housekeeping Notifications

Owner/Housekeeping Notifications

If you are an agency, you are likely to have owners and/or housekeepers of the properties you may wish to notify when you’ve received or cancelled a booking. This article explains at which point the owner notification is sent;

Telephone Bookings: you are asked at the end of the booking process with a tick box.
Online Bookings: the owner and housekeeping notifications are never automatically sent. You will check the booking is OK, proceed to the bookings list, click on the booking and click the notify owner or housekeeping button.