Unit Availability Report

The Unit Availability report allows you to see which units and (sub-units if you are selling pitches) are available within a specific date range.

Copying rates from one unit to another

Copying Rates

To copy rates from one unit to another click on the ‘copy rates to another unit’ button at the top of your finished tariff. The pop up below will appear. Choose which unit you want to copy the current tariff to. If you are copying between tariffs make sure you have created the target tariff before you try to copy the rates.

Please note: Copying rates over to another unit, when you’ve already put in rates for it, will permanently overwrite the rates you put in for that unit previously. So please use this super quick fix with caution!

Weekly Rates by Party Size

Adding Party Size Pricing Conditions

You may want to set ‘party size pricing conditions’ when adding your weekly rates. For example, you may want to charge a a weekly rate dependant on the number of people coming on the holiday.

You can create a weekly price for 1 person booking = your price, 2 people booking = your price, 3 people = your price and so on.  Then, you can set ‘ANY’ to the value above all the party member conditions.

Please note: if you leave a gap in the party member number, let’s say you had 2 people = £50 and then 4 people = £100, and then you made a booking for 3 people, this will look at any appropriate bands below it’s current value.

Adding Rates

Chose from one of the following types of rates:

Daily (most popular and flexible!)

Daily rates are the quickest and most flexible way of adding your rates. We highly recommended setting up your accommodation using daily rates. Read more here. 

Weekly and Short Breaks (these have been switched off for new customers from May 2018)

A traditional way of setting rates. Weekly and short breaks are rigid set date ranges. Read more here.

Weekly and short break rates can now be achieved using Daily rates functionality. 

Pricing for time-based units

When you are creating pricing for your activity, you are setting a price on the unit and the party member. For more information on how to set this, read our article here. 

Copying Rates from one unit to another

A super quick way of copying rates from one unit to another. Just remember that this will override any previously pricing you may have had previously. Use with caution! Read more here. 

Cleaning report

The cleaning report gives you the units (properties) that has a customer departing within a date range. For example you may want to pull the report for that day, to hand over to your housekeeping staff. That way they can see what units need cleaning and tick the sheet once it has been done.

Housekeeping weekly report

House keeping weekly report is exactly the same as the Housekeeping daily report, except you search for data for a week rather than a specific day.

Please note that from August 2017, as a default, all add-ons are automatically ticked so that they are displayed in this report.

Schedule Automatic Arrivals Reports

If you would like a staff member or owner to see an arrivals list on a daily or weekly basis, you can schedule this to automatically send to them by email.

This report also includes the Add-Ons relate to each booking for ease of reference.

Go to Reports > Routine > Arrivals > Scheduled.

Click to make the scheduled report active and then choose between daily or weekly. Then set the day of week you’d like the scheduled to start on.

Choose the recipient(s) you’d like to receive the arrivals report.

Click on Save Settings. 

Large Reports

If you may want to download large data sets from your account, to do this we can enable ‘Report to Email’ on your account. This simple means that the data is aggregated behind the scenes and emailed to the user creating the report.

Email support to activate this feature and when you go to generated your next report, you’ll see an additional tick box for ‘Send as Email’. 


Housekeeping Daily report

This report can be pulled on a specific day and is often used for housekeeping staff. We give the option of also attaching different information to the report, so that for example if you have a ‘Dog’ as an add-on you may want the housekeeping staff to do more of a thorough clean in these properties.

Please note that from August 2017, as a default, all add-ons associated with that booking are automatically ticked so that they are displayed in this report.

Limited Add-On Report

This report shows the dates and availability of add-ons within a certain date range. For example, this could be used to see how many electric hookups are available and how many are booked out for any given day.

Think of the Limited Add-On as a finite resource!