Routine Add-On Report

This report allows you to see all bookings where add-ons have been assigned within a certain date range.

Please note that from August 2017, as a default, all add-ons are automatically ticked so that they are also displayed in the housekeeping report.

Your Account

When you receive your Anytime Booking account, the URL (web link) is in this format:

Each user will have their own username and password to access the account area.

NB. We recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Firefox to log into the management area.

Recording Payments

Every time a booking is made online or placed into the back of your Anytime Booking account a payment record is recreated and displayed on the cash list.

Online Payments

When your customer makes an online booking, they are directed to your payment gateway of choice to physically take the payment. The payment gateway, such as SagePay for example, will send a message back to your booking to say the payment was successful and automatically send out the relevant email template – this payment record will read as CARD ONLINE (WEB) on your cash list report.

Cancelled Bookings Report

It is now possible to generate a report of cancelled bookings. As it is part of the bookings report it will show: the booked date, arrival date, the departure date, the customer’s name, party size and length of stay as well as the unit they are booked into. You can also see a simple breakdown of the cost of each booking, including the base cost, any add-ons, the total cost, how much has been paid to date and how much is left to pay.

Creating a drop-down Add-on

This article will guide you through the process of creating a drop-down add-on. A drop-down add-on is very flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if you have a housekeeping service a drop-down add-on could be used to indicate whether a customer would prefer a mid week, or end of stay house cleaning visit.


When running a business it is essential that you have a way of keeping all of your information together and organised. Anytime Booking allows you to run a variety of different reports to help you maintain the organisation within your business. Reports are available in PDF, CSV, and web-page format. They can be generated for categories, units and even specific sub-units. To access this feature click on the ‘Reports’ button at the top of the page.

Cascading tariffs and how they work

Cascading rates are a special kind of daily rate that allows you to charge a different price during the same date range depending on the customer’s length of stay.  

Cascading rates only work when you’re charging less on a daily basis as the length of stay increases.

Targeted email marketing using your booking data

As you start to populate your Anytime Booking account with booking information, you can start to email specific targeted segments of your data.

This guide will help you!



Email marketing is still the most cost effective way of communicating with your customers.  We use a third-party provider to power this module and only charge £5 per campaign and 2p per email recipient.  This is a pay as you go facility and you can use it whenever you need to.

Creating Customer Lists

It’s good to know your customers. So creating customer lists within your Anytime Booking account is going to help you quickly identify a specific type of customer.