GoCardless and Anytime Booking

We are currently considering a partnership with GoCardless, the UK fast-emerging Direct Debit provider, with Anytime Booking.

If you had the facility to offer your online customers the ability to pay in instalments, that’s cost effective and requires very little input from you, would you be interested?

With GoCardless, we’ve produced a short PDF explaining how this would work.  Click here -> Anytime Booking GoCardless_3

Will your customers use this to make payments to you? Would you use it? Any questions?

Leave your comments below and everyone can join in the conversation!

Wendy Radford-Gaby

One Response to “GoCardless and Anytime Booking”

  1. Robert Hicks

    Brilliant idea, couple of questions

    1. Need to set a minimum amount for a holiday value to offer the option.
    2. Is the payment date automatically set or optional.
    3. What time of day is a direct debit processed, thinking of the cash list
    4. If we cancel a booking will the dd automatically stop
    5. Need to think about when the final payment will be taken for balance on arrival holidays – Probably should have the final payment 14 days before. Holidays paid in advance should not be a problem
    6. Maybe the system should email the customer each month 24 hours before to say a payment is going to be made
    7. Probably should have a separate email to say when the dd system is cancelled for a particular booking
    8. If the customer cancels the dd we need to know then, not when the next payment is attempted as this could be weeks apart.

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