No Payment = No Booking

If no payment is received, the system will automatically cancel the booking on your behalf. 

As from November 30th 2017, this feature will no longer be available. To cancel a provisional booking within a certain time frame as designated by you, please take a look at this article

Version 3.1.2 onwards will allow you to choose whether you would like to receive a booking if the payment failed.

Currently, if a booking was made online but the payment failed, the booking is marked as ‘provisional’ in your back office. You are informed of the reason, which is usually due to a mismatch of addresses, a failed security check or simply that the browser closed before completing. This allows you to either chase the payment over the phone from the customer or the customer can log in and make a second attempt at paying.

A few of our users have requested that this part of the online booking process changes – so that if a payment fails for whatever reason, the booking is silently cancelled.

Allowing a 6 hour window before the booking is silently cancelled, gives enough time for the payment gateway to come back with a record of successful or unsuccessful payment.

Whilst the booking is in a pending state (awaiting a response from your payment gateway), the booking will appear on the availability chart in grey and you will be unable to made any further bookings to the unit the payment status has been updated. 

This is a setting that we manage and if you would like the facility to stop bookings being made if a payment fails, let us know by emailing

On the left in the flow chart you’ll find in the link is an example of how the email chain works in the event of no payment = no booking operating: No Payment No Booking – Email Sequence