Owner statement reports and property deductions

Being able to view your owner statements allows you to see the income generated by the unit, and what commission you have earned through taking bookings for this unit over time. You can also add and view any property deductions for the unit – these are anything you’ve had to deduct from the unit, that are also deducted from the monies owed to the owner of the unit.

Generating Owner Statements 

Firstly, you must log into your Anytime Booking account. Once you have done this you should then go to:

Reports > Owner Statements > Owner Statement Reports.


Choose the start date of when you want the report to begin, as well as the length of the report (for example, you may want a weekly report or a three month report).

You will then be asked whether you want a specific category and/or unit to be presented on the report. If you want a short report on a certain unit then you should click on the relevant category and unit, however if you want a wide report on all the different categories and units you should leave the category box as ‘All categories’.

Once you have filled in all the boxes you should then click view.


Adding Property Deductions for the Unit

If you wish to add property deductions to your owner statement reports then click on Reports >  Owner Statements > Property Deductions then chose the Category and the Unit.


If you have lots of regular deductions, such as grass cutting or property cleaning, or anything you like, you can create ‘Predefined Costs’ to save you a little time.  Enter the description of the property deduction and then add the Default Cost.


After entering the predefined costs of as many different property deductions as you wish, you can then add your deductions; select the date for the property deduction and then the item and the quantity. For example, if you were charging £20 an hour to paint a caravan you would click on the drop down box and select the number of hours for the work carried out.


Finally, once you have entered the property deductions, they should then appear on your Owner Statement Report!