System Update: Version 3.0.4

Release Date: Wednesday 19th March 2014 10:00hrs GMT

The following summarises the changes:

New Customer Registration and Existing Customer Log In

From the release date the system will now be creating just one password for each customer on the first occasion they make a booking with you.

What you need to do:

There is now a new email type called ‘New Customer’ which will be sent out once to anyone booking for the first time with you. It contains the password token and instructions to guide the customer on how to log in, view their booking details, change their password and make their balance payments in the future.

When you go into the ‘New Customer’ email (located in Setup > Documentation > Emails) The content will have a default template to help you and the email will be switched off until you’re ready to update the content and switch the email on.

The URL link to access your specific ‘My Account’ area for your customer to log in will be something like this

Follow this video- for help with changing your templates.

What this means for your online customer:

Your online customer will now only need to remember one password for the entire life of their account making their experience more user friendly.  If they forget their password, they can choose to reset it as they did before.

The customer is only asked to log in (or register and log in) just before they are prompted to pay for their holiday.  This enables casual browsers to view availability and prices without the need to commit their details first.

System Update Version 3.0.4 - Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 18.18.12


If you have any queries on this update please contact the office using our support button or telephone on 01326 574660.

What we’re working on for the next release

– New Improved Availability Chart
– Dashboard filtering
– Quick Book functionality (back office only)


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