System Update: Version 3.1.3

Release Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015 – 00:30hrs GMT

  • Envelope/Label icon on the dashboard boxes are where you can print labels for the content within the arrivals and departures list for that day. These print out on 3-column Avery labels with details containing; ref, surname, unit, sub-unit, number in party.
  • Print icon on the dashboard boxes for arrivals and departures. This will bring an arrival / departure style report as PDF which will indicate those who are yet to arrive or depart. Ready to hand over to your warden.
  • New search filter on the dashboard to quickly filter information across all the boxes.
  • Ability to re-order boxes on dashboard (Go to Your Account).
  • Check in / check out tick box added to the Bookings List.
  • Mobile Number added to the departures report.
  • Details column added to the arrivals report to show AddOns.
  • New Booking AddOn report with a list of all the AddOns and the bookings associated to them for any given date.
  • New housekeeping cleaning list report.
  • New daily housekeeping report.
  • General bug fixing

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Watch this video to see what’s new!

Anytime Booking Update Video 3.1.3 from Wendy Radford-Gaby on Vimeo.